Nowadays, people care more about their oral and overall health. Especially young people look for having a healthy situation including healthy teeth. They know that when they have healthy teeth, they can smile confidently. So, fortunately, they pay more attention to their teeth more than before. As a Toronto Emergency Dental Clinic says, around 60% of young people often make a dental appointment with their dentist. When it comes to dental emergencies, people may do not have enough information about them. Today, we detailed some of this helpful information.

Useful Information About Emergency Dental CasesWhat Are Emergency Dental Services?

When you face a dental issue such as a severe toothache, a broken tooth, a dental crack, a cut in your gums or mouth, a bleeding gum, a knocked-out tooth, a dental infection, all are called dental emergency cases. And they need to be addressed by an emergency dental specialist as soon as possible. Do not be shy of asking a dental specialist to help you since it will progress to a complicated situation if you do so.

When Do I Need X-rays?

When you go to an emergency dental clinic, the dental specialist will consider your situation, and then if it is needed, X-rays will be prescribed. If you are a healthy person with healthy gums, without cavities and unstable changes in any dental concern for several years, you may need X-rays every two years. A person who has poor gum health and has also decayed or cavities, or if the emergency dentist is concerned about any particular area in your mouth, often x-rays will be needed for you every year.

Should a Baby Tooth Be Fixed?

YES. Baby teeth are as important as adult teeth. Baby teeth save space for adult teeth. Suppose a baby tooth is lost too soon, then the tooth distance and crowding increase. Baby teeth allow the baby to chew on various foods, both hard and soft. Besides, baby teeth help develop speech and social confidence. So, they are important for healing and saving.

What to Do with A Broken or Cut Tooth?

When a tooth is broken, the inner and delicate areas of the teeth may now be exposed to different types of oral bacteria. In this case, it is essential to see an emergency dentist right away, even if the tooth is not yet painful. If the tooth is left unprotected, it can quickly lead to new caries, and then the emergency dentist must immediately assess the severity of the problem.

Toronto Emergency Dental ClinicWhat to Do If I Have Lost My Dental Crown?

In this emergency case, you should definitely see an emergency dentist for the necessary care and treatment as soon as possible. If patients can not immediately see an emergency dentist and have a lot of pain, they can be relieved by using clove oil on the sensitive area and using cotton. People are advised not to use ordinary glue or extra glue to hold their crowns to prevent their teeth damage.