Invisalign is one of the world’s commanding clear aligner systems to correct the malocclusions (i.e., the teeth misalignments). As per the invisalign clinic Singapore, this treatment goes on to use pioneering research and the patented technology that’s straightened about 9 million-plus patients’ teeth worldwide!

These aligners are pretty comfortable, removable, and essentially invisible; meaning minimal interruptions to one’s daily life! Along with a constant improvement in technology, these aligners are continuously improved to introduce new attributes to treat further complex cases.


Different from the traditional metal braces, the very Invisalign uses the video 3Dimensional scanner to capture the patient’s teeth, that is the dental impression digitally. Then, captured pictures and the digital dental impression is utilized to develop the 3D plan of treatment.

There is this software developed via Invisalign co. to help dentists and patients to go on and reflect the ultimate treatment outcome even before the treatment begins clinically.

Although each aligner can look similar, each of them is unique in shape and size created especially for a patient’s needs. 

Is the treatment of Invisalign painful?

Generally, Invisalign is a tad bit less painful than the fixed braces.

That said, any movement of the tooth will cause a few forms of discomfort. It occurs commonly in a form of the aching sensation of the teeth, and particularly when eating.

The very discomfort doesn’t last a lot more than just a few days. So, you are good to go.

The Benefits

  1. The transparency in comprehending what the potential final completed position of the teeth will likely look like. Using the 3D CLINCHECK of Invisalign, you can see the current teeth side via side with a final stand before proceeding with a treatment at the invisalign clinic Singapore.
  2. No dietary limitations. The aligners are taken off when eating so that one can go on to enjoy all their favorite foods.
  3. Aesthetically very pleasing. “Smart Track” item is clear and light. It’s nearly undetectable to one’s naked eye.
  4. The aligner is very comfy so you’ll not have an abrasion on lips, tongue, or cheeks.
  5. The flexibility in taking off aligners whenever one likes.
  6. Numerous aligners will simply be given to one at a time thus you may reduce time spent at a dental clinic.

Well, there you have it. That is very much all you need to know about Invisalign. To know more, you may look over the web and gather more information on the same.