Teeth are usually strong, but they may be broken, chipped, or knocked out. A knocked-out tooth is an emergency dental case that can happen due to different events such as a terrible accident, a sports injury, trauma, and so on. Once you face a knocked-out tooth, you may be puzzled and do not know what to do. But you should be fast since the first 30 minutes is a vital time to save the tooth. So act quickly, or lose your tooth. Of course, when there is no way to save the knocked-out tooth, some other cosmetic dental treatments replace this missing tooth and restore your dazzling smile.

The critical point is that missing teeth will lead to damaged gums. As a result, the health of your mouth and teeth will be harmed too. When a piece of gum is damaged, the accumulation of alveolar ridges may happen. But, fortunately, you can prevent this issue. In an article published by faze.ca, Dr. Behnam Bohloli from Smile Point Dental explains that after a tooth extraction, the steps of preserving the ridge may reduce the shrinkage of the alveolar ridge and applied alloplasts.

Emergency Points

As mentioned above, saving the knocked-out tooth is of the essence. So, the first you should do is running to an emergency dental clinic. Meanwhile, there are some steps to do until getting to the emergency dental clinic.

First, find the tooth. Take care of it carefully. Do not touch it. It’s vulnerable. Especially, avoid touching the root. This is the essential part of saving your tooth. If the root is damaged, it will be so hard or even impossible to save your tooth.

Then, if the tooth is dirty, clean it. The best way is to suck it in your mouth if you can. And, if you cannot do it, rinse it. The best way to rinsing it is using milk. And, in case of milk is neither available, substitute water. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t rinse it with soap or any other detergent. Water is enough to make it clean. Rinsing should be done in just some seconds.

 Putting the tooth in your gum is of the essence too. Another good solution is finding a container of milk and then putting the missing tooth inside.

At a Dental Clinic

Saving your tooth and its complications highly depends on the different factors. So, it may be a simple process or not. Debris inside the socket is the first part that the emergency dentist cares about. S/he will flush them out by water. Removing the tooth in its place is another step.

Then, the emergency dentist will talk to you about re-implanting the tooth as soon as possible. This action should be done within an hour of the accident.

Last Word

Do not worry. Dental experts will assess your dental issue and decide about its treatment. You need to be patient and let your dentist help you. There may be some steps to save your tooth. Besides, after implanting your tooth in the place, some days should be passed as a healing time. Then, the emergency dentist will tell you when to revisit him.