Are you one of the countless number of people on Earth who struggle to maintain a healthy sleeping pattern? Do you think about everything that you can possibly think of every night, and do these thoughts come pouring in right before you head off to dreamland? If so, then you’re a victim of the phenomenal rise of electronic gadgets and unconventional working hours that result in adrenal fatigue.

If you’re suffering from fatigue or dire exhaustion, then you need to induce proper sleep hygiene to your daily life. The term “sleep hygiene” might be fairly new to your ears, but the concept is certainly not fresh. Simply speaking, it refers to a range of methodologies and techniques that you can utilize to make sure you experience healthy sleeping patterns. In doing so, you can reduce or even eliminate fatigue and lethargy from your system. Here are some ways to help you beat that tired feeling so you’ll have more energy (and a happy mood) when tomorrow comes.

Remove the TV From the Bedroom

The TV might be your best friend as it delivers your favorite shows and films right to your home. However, this technological marvel is your worst enemy if you want to get some shut-eye. With over hundreds of channels to surf and the fact that most modern TV channels are on a 24-hour loop will put you on a never-ending binge while saying “I’ll sleep after one more episode.” If you think that leaving the remote inside your kitchen is enough to keep you from binge-watching your favorite shows, then it’s not going to do much help. The safest and perhaps the most effective way to deal with this particular concern is to remove the TV and all other electronic devices with screens from the bedroom. In doing so, you’ll have less of a reason to stay up late at night.

Eliminate Sources of Light Inside the Bedroom

Our brain is an incredibly sensitive organ, and it can sometimes become alert with the most unassuming of factors possible. The simple thought of, “Have I turned off the light inside the kitchen” can become a stressful factor that can keep you awake for half the night. In this context, our mind and eyes can become seemingly alert with any light source in the immediate vicinity. If you can’t remove the lighting fixtures inside your room, then you can have proper sleep by putting a blindfold over your eyes.

Adjust the Temperature

The temperature of the room can spell a huge difference between becoming grumpy the next morning because of lack of sleep and waking up with a smile on your face as you greet the world. If you’re the type of person who likes warm temperatures during the night, then adjust the temperature levels accordingly. You can also do a similar method if you want a cold temperature as you sleep.

Practice Noise Reduction Methods

A lot of people can’t sleep with sound because they like to be sent to dreamland with nothing but the sound of their breath. A calm atmosphere is important to have, especially when you’re trying to go to sleep. As such, make sure that all devices in the room are either turned off or kept in silent mode. Also, if your neighbor’s pets are waking you up at night, then don’t hesitate to knock on their doors or call them to notify them of the problem.

If you’re still suffering from fatigue after following these tips, then perhaps there’s an underlying problem with the health issue. You may want to seek professional assistance in this regard.