Individual constitution can be sorted into 8 unique examples as given below, in view of the connection between the organs. One ought to realize one’s very own constitutional physique which is unique just as general physiology, so as to carry on with a sound life.

Here is a brief of constitutions so that you can carry out 8 constitutional acupuncture if necessary

  • Pulmotonia – brought into the world with a strong lung and a weak liver, exceptionally innovative, imaginative, and conceited. Adventurer of a new world and pioneer of new things. Must be a veggie lover.
  • Colonotonia – brought into the world with hyperactive digestive organ and a weak gallbladder, very yearning for the will to control, exceptionally natural and visionary. Destined to be a pioneer. Ought to not eat meat with the exception of fish.
  • Hepatonia – brought into the world with a strong liver and a poor lungs. Extremely abundant and liberal, hazard taking and decisive. Must eat meats, Born to be a business visionary. Taking 1 tablet of headache medicine ordinary could avert numerous infections.
  • Cholecystonia – brought into the world with a powerless digestive organ and a hyperactive gallbladder, truly agreeable and active, candidly generally delicate. Inclined to liquor addiction. Must eat heaps of hamburger to anticipate melancholy.


  • Pancreotonia – brought into the world with an incredibly hyperactive pancreas and powerless kidney, exceptionally imprudent, caring and given altruistic, wants to eat gourmet nourishments. Destined to be a sweetheart. Must eat heaps of shellfish and pork.
  • Gastrotonia – brought into the world with a solid stomach and a feeble bladder, exceptionally equivocal and baffling, physically solid and persevering. Can process practically any nourishments. Gainful Regimen: Shellfish, crab, shrimp, pork, meat, rice, oats, grain, red beans, peas, prickly plant, cucumber, eggplant, persimmon, broccoli, avocado, melons, pears, pineapple, grapes, strawberries, banana.
  • Renotonia – brought into the world with a strong kidney and a poor pancreas, exceptionally athletic, fastidious and sorted out. Conceived to be civil servant. Must stay away from cold sustenance.
  • Vesicotonia – brought into the world with an, extremely feeble stomach and a solid bladder. Quiet and saved, moderate and fastidious. Inclined to ceaseless despondency. Must eat exceptionally little measures of nourishments, close to 2 dinners per day, every dinner not exactly a large portion of the measure of other individuals would eat.